Jardin Wall – The smart wall greening of the future

March 19, 2021

Smart Wall W+P
At W+P, we are constantly on the lookout for forward-looking products, topics and technologies that will help us to create working environments that promise long-term success for our customers. In the context of our vision to realize C0²-neutral projects, the conception of “tangible sustainability” is a focus topic of our daily work.
With the “Jardin Wall” of a start-up from Klagenfurt, we have found a smart and at the same time sustainable product that is more than a conventional wall greening.
By means of integrated sensors for humidity, temperature, air quality, light intensity and water level, each individual plant element as well as the peripheral conditions are measured and analyzed in real time. In addition, the supply of the plant is automated. The subsequent evaluation of the data is carried out centrally via an app and can be viewed via so-called data dashboards. Through the collection of data and corresponding analysis options, the intelligent wall increasingly improves itself and can adapt the care of the plants to the individual care requirements.

Another advantage of the green wall lies in the numerous design options. For example, the separate plant containers can be optionally adapted to customer requirements (color, material, shape and size) and, thanks to the modular structure of the system, differentiated “murals” can be produced.
Since the concept of the start-up from Klagenfurt has convinced us, we are already implementing the product in one of our projects in Munich, in the context of a developed design concept.

We are also very much looking forward to the prototype of the product, which is designed in the shape of our W+P logo and will be installed in the coming weeks in our Living Lab / WOW in Frankfurt’s Westhafen Tower.

Together with the start-up, we will intensively scrutinize the diverse functions and data processing. In addition to the collection of data on indoor air quality, our tests will also focus in particular on the efficient operational handling of the vertical elements.
Further on, we will look at the application of the intelligent system in outdoor areas.

❯ Visually appealing and customizable design.

❯ Automated catering of the workplace planting.

❯ Sensors that detect and analyze environmental conditions.

❯ Self-learning system that continuously improves care.

Do you have any questions about the product or are you yourself interested in integrating a customized green wall into your working environment? Then please contact us:


Jardin Wall_Munich
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