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Initial situation

At the beginning of April 2015, the decision was made that Zumtobel would move to U.F.O. in Frankfurt Fechenheim. The special feature of the U.F.O. building is the uniqueness of its concept: the fusion of work and leisure areas. The building is a statement! This was a key factor behind the company’s decision to locate its newly defined corporate architecture there: a concept of product presentation and the direct communication of values. Employees and customers were to be able to directly experience what effect light can have and how it can be staged!


  • Basic assessment & needs analysis
  • Occupancy planning in variants
  • Description of tenant construction
  • Negotiation of tenancy agreements with Ardi Goldmann
  • Tendering & award of fit-out services
  • Construction management conversion & extension
  • Move management
  • Project & change management


  • On-time realisation of the extension of a light forum (approx. 380m²) and office space (approx. 1,100m²) in only five months (execution by general contractor)
  • Implementation of a highly attractive office concept based on corporate architecture
  • Adherence to deadlines and budgets

“A mammoth task to embed a comprehensive corporate architecture concept in such a wonderful property in just a few months.”

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